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Display advertising sales systems for newspapers and magazines

The Ad Wizard is a fully customizable display ad sales system available as an add-on to your existing web site for one or many publications. Use The Ad Wizard to increase display ad sales and improve the efficiency of all your staff while you reduce sales and production costs.

Publications easily manage their own ad offers including prices, schedules and ad types plus all the variables that go into selling print ads. Color or black and white, modular or calculated ad sizes, ad rates with upsells and discounts, promo codes, special offers, email marketing, spec ads, automated notifications, multiple billing options, and easy integration with most systems.

The Ad Wizard supports retail ad sales in all categories and supports online ad creation, prebuilt ad upload and custom ad requests. Customers who build their own display ads online can save and re-use them repeatedly with revisions. For regular customers, The Ad Wizard also supports multiple discount levels so you can assign correct price levels for each customer and each product or edition. For promotional or new customers, Ad Wizard supports special offers, time limited offers, promotional code offers and more.

The Ad Wizard currently produces more than 5,200 ads per week from three line classifieds to full color double trucks. Half, full and quarter page ads are very popular in real estate, while photo listings are more popular in automotive. Retail display ads sell by the column inch.

One system does it all for display ads - from retail to Automotive to Real Estate - with automated data import for real estate agents and automotive dealers. From selling single display ads in a section or edition to selling integrated listing publications for auto and real estate, Ad Wizard makes large volume sales possible. Imagine an extra 800 listings every week, produced automatically. Make the sale, teach the customer, print the ads. Eliminate the repeat cost centers with automation.

Choose and customize your system

Standard Ad Wizard. It's everything you need to sell display ads online. Includes set-up (branding, configuration), 10 million templates, ad building tools, sales and marketing tools, configuration tools, finance tools, communication tools, plus support for staff and customers.

Real Estate Sales System. Make it easy for realtors and brokers to create ads from imported MLS listings. Enhance a Standard Ad Wizard with your choice of data feed, pagination and other Power Tools.

Automotive Sales System. Help dealers move more vehicles with photo listings. Enhance a Standard Ad Wizard with your choice of data feed, pagination and other Power Tools.

Power Tools. Customize your Standard Ad Wizard: sell pre-built PDFs, automate order entry, accept payment by credit card, offer custom-built templates, and more.

Fully-hosted, worry-free
The Ad Wizard is a fully hosted (ASP) service run from a secure tier one data center where multiple servers, internet connections and power supplies handle thousands of advertisers simultaneously, even during peak periods.
3 secrets to selling online
  • Increase print ad revenue
  • Reduce production and sales costs
  • Improve customer service
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